• John Good

What's going on?

Hi! I'm John, This is my wife Mim and my boys Dylan and Jake. 

We are excited (and a bit nervous) to share a new idea with you. 

We love Jesus, we love surfing, and we love being with other people in our community. I have been inspired for years about libraries which use sharing to help people get access to stuff like tools, or toys or kitchen equipment. These libraries help save people money. They do their bit for the planet because sharing our gear reduces the amount of products we need to live and they help build resilient communities by sharing talents, skills and experience as well as their products. 

So our idea is to start a library for water crafts and equipment. You know, paddle boards, kayaks, wetsuits, fishing gear etc.

The opportunity is for local people to share lots of experience, watersports gear and for more of us to get out on the water because of it. I only got into surfing because my youth leaders let me borrow a wetsuit and board. I’m sure thats the same for many people out there. 

So if you would like to join in, 

Or if you would like to share your gear,

Or you’re experience

Or you’d just like to help.

Or just want to say hi.

We would love to hear from you!

It's early days for us yet. We are still getting everything ready. We hope to have this up and running sometime in October. 

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