SHARK family tandem paddleboard 15'2 (371)

The 15' Family Tandem SHARK SUP is a great board for the whole family looking to enjoy paddleboarding together. It's great for couples or friends who want to experience ‘tandem’ paddleboarding adventures. It also suits children and young people who want to paddle together in a group with more confidence.

The 15' Family Tandem SHARK SUP has plenty of space and stability for everyone. There are plenty of leashing points to ensure everyone can keep safe and stay connected to the board. The unique underwater viewing window is also great for children and adults alike to help spotting under water marine life. Although the Family is big, it's still really transportable. It has 6 carrying handles allowing all the family to work as a team getting it in and out of the water. The 15' Family Tandem is constructed with our durable single layer technology in 8” thickness meaning this board packs up compactly for its size and only needs to be inflated to 12 psi to be ready to paddle and have fun on the water.

  • never inflate on sand

  • always rinse and towel down after use.

We will lend buoyancy aids and a phone case when you borrow this board. Please let us know in the messages if you also require wetsuits.

Opening times at the WSL are:
Mondays 10 - 4
Thursdays 10 - 4
Fridays 10 - 4
Saturdays 9 - 5
Sundays 5 - 8