SHARK 10'6" all round paddleboard (233)

Paddlers up to 105kg wanting to take their first paddle strokes in SUP, do light SUP touring, try some SUP surfing and even a bit of SUP Yoga - the All Round 10’6 is incredibly versatile, perfectly balancing all the characteristics you need in your first board.

The 10’6 is the most popular in the All Round range. This board allows riders of up to 105kg to learn to SUP, go for social paddles, try a little bit of light touring, catch your first SUP surfing waves and even try SUP Yoga! The All Round 10’6 perfectly balances length, width and outline shape for the best performance for the majority of paddlers. Manufactured from Shark Fusion Technology (SFT), the optimum balance of weight and durability. The 10’6 All Round also features the Shark Kick Tail (SKT) helping you to develop the step back turn technique and board handling in the surf. NEW FOR 2021 - A rear handle has been added to the boards to improve handling on and off the water.

It comes with a beautiful carbon fibre paddle, carry bag, pump, leash and fin.


We are proud to buy SUPS from SHARK paddleboards. Apart from the fact that the boards are very high quality, another reason is that they are deeply committing to preserving our Sharks from overfishing. Here's what SHARK SUPS say about them.

There are over 1200 fascinating species of sharks and rays. All play a part in the health and stability of our oceans. Due mainly to overfishing, a quarter of these species are threatened with extinction unless we take urgent action. The Shark Trust works within a global network of partners to push for vital change in fisheries and trade that will secure the future for all sharks and rays.

We’ve committed to supporting the Shark Trust in their work. To help spread the word about the amazing diversity of sharks and rays and the importance of protecting them for future generations. Without sharks, our ocean will be a poorer place.

Find out more about the shark trust at