GUMOTEX Twist 2/1 inflatable Kayak- Two man (182)

Are you looking for a small, lightweight and space-saving kayak as a companion on the road and a watersport recreation?

Then the TWIST is the right choice for you, whether exploring new places on lakes or travelling on calm rivers. The TWIST 2/1 can be easily transformed from its two-seat version to its one-seat version or vice versa, thanks to an innovative design. The kayak is stable enough for a small kayaker, an XXL person or even up to two paddlers can sit comfortably. The TWIST has removable seats with an adjustable backrest for comfortable dry sitting.

Length: 360cm

Width: 83cm

Weight: 13kg

Max load: 180kg

Material: NITRILON

We are pumped to let you know that Gumotex takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Here's a note from them.

"We are protecting nature and behaving responsibly. Today humanity is finally thinking about the way it behaves towards nature and everyone is attempting to contribute with a bit of their own ecology (perhaps the sorting of waste). A huge burden is the greatly widespread use of PVC material for the manufacture of an extensive range of products, including some boats. Phthalates are released from each PVC product which are substances that are very harmful to the human organism. It is now that inflatable GUMOTEX boats are greatly appreciated, because our materials Light Nitrilon, Nitrilon and Nitrilon Extra, which we use to manufacture boats, are not made from PVC.

Our inflatable boats are not made from PVC.